Synchronizing directories with a log

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Synchronizing directories with a log

Post by Alex » Thu Jun 07, 2007 10:13 am

As soon as I installed xStarter, I remembered my old problems...
Since I am a software hamster, that is, I download a lot of software, but use far from everything I download (and not at once), I have a question: how can I store all my distribution packages on the network and leave only small files in my local folder?.. I got down to it and wrote a synchronization task within 10 minutes... Right, of course, the Synchronize actions take its main part. The useful thing here is the log about what has been done: the full list of all synchronized folders and files.
So, the task itself.
I tried to implement the settings as variables. Here they are in brief:

source_dir - source directory
destination_dir - destination directory
difference_dir - difference directory (differences between the source and destination directories are initially copied to it)
log_type - log type: file - to a file, message - a message on the screen
logfile_name - the name of the log file
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