SerialPortWriteEx1 works incorrectly

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SerialPortWriteEx1 works incorrectly

Post by uterator » Thu Sep 20, 2012 9:56 am

Please help to solve this problem, I couldn't use SerialPortWriteEx1 properly.
I want to send by Serial Port some code then after some period of time (1000ms) read an answer.
In manual mode it works correctly, but in schedule mode when the "Periodically" option is set it didn't waits required 1000ms for answer.
Please, help to have worked this case.

For reproduce do following steps:
1. Create a new blank task Task1
2. Add there new command [SerialPortWriteEx1], set “Read Answer String” checkbox for it and specify “Wait for replay” = 5000.
3. Add the new Text Message in Task1 with message [SerialPortWriteEx1.ReturnString]
At that moment we have 2 commands
4. Run the task. It will start then after 5000ms an empty message dialog will be opened. It’s OK.
5. Now set schedule for Task1. Set periodically replay after each 30s and enable the task.
Problem: when the Task1 starts to execute its actions the mentioned empty dialog opens immediately after starting the task, but it should have delay 5000ms. So I am loosing my replay from serial port.


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