Two task blocked running one subtask with no re-run

Each program have bugs, xStarter is not exception :).
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Two task blocked running one subtask with no re-run

Post by jazzygui » Tue Nov 09, 2010 9:40 pm

Hello Alex,

Thank yu for looking at boolean subject and your fix for windows hidden.

For 20 great features you know I finally find some little problem, here is another
issue maybe not a bug:

I recently got a xstarter licence for a customer an need max stability
and here is what I found when trying to run task scheduled at the same time (not really wanted)

I configured all my tasks as "don't run task again if already running"
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when the main tasks run the subtask at the same time one of the two will remain locked for ever :o
this is really breaking my automaton so I unchecked this "no re run option."

How do you handle that.
My understanding would be that if task can't run the other subtask it should be finished and return.

May be do i have to run the task in a different process.

problem appears with and

thanks for looking

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