Mutiple xstarter.exe processes

Each program have bugs, xStarter is not exception :).
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Mutiple xstarter.exe processes

Post by jaycanfield » Wed Oct 07, 2009 4:33 pm

Hi, i'm running xstarter on W2k3 standard.

We are testing xstarter and have 2 tasks running. One every 4 hours and one once a day. After several weeks of running fine, the server will crash based on a lack of resources. I've been able to catch it before the crash today, and it had 80 xStarter.exe processes running in the Process list.

Restarting the service failed until I manually killed all of the xStarter.exe processes. Once I did that it started fine.

Has anyone seen this before? These tasks are in-house built exe's and the logs say they complete successfully each time, so i'm not sure if it's a daemon issue or a task issue. It's almost like the process isn't completing even though the log says it is. These tasks are running as a user from another AD, but it is in a trust and cross domain authentication is working fine.


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Re: Mutiple xstarter.exe processes

Post by Alex » Thu Oct 15, 2009 1:41 pm


Can you try to upgrade to 1.9.3 version? As I can remember such issue was fixed there.

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